Goui  - Rechargeable AA Battery

Goui - Rechargeable AA Battery

Goui - Rechargeable AAA Battery

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Goui - Rechargeable AAA Battery

Long lasting power


  • Rated Voltage: 1.5V
  • Capacity: 400mAh / 750mWh
  • Input Type-C: 5V/100mA
  • LED Lighting: 1 LED Indicator
  • Charging Port: Type C
  • Working: -10.45C


How to charge the battery:

Connect the cable to the battery ana an appropriate USB power charger (mobile phone adapter, laptop, power bank, car charger, etc.)
You can charge several batteries at the same time.
These rechargeable batteries are pre-charged (30%) and ready to use straightly from the box.
They will hold a full charge for up to 12 months when not in use.
Recharge it before use if standby over 3 months.



Keep out of the reach of children & pets.
Long negligence may cause leakage of batte liquid
Do not damage or peel off the surface tube.
Excessive recharging can overheat the battery.
Unplua immediately if smoke or sians of burning are present.
Only charge the batteries with compatible cables.
Only Use with USB adapters that are compatible witt the input/output voltage

Do not ingest. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and mucous membranes & clothing. If contact with eyes immediatelv rinse eves with water tor at least 15 mir
(remove contact lens it using them).


  • LED Flashlights
  • Computer Accessories
  • Video Games Command
  • Remote Controls

Charging cable included.

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